Wooden Man Form


Sifu Stephen Lyons

The Wooden Man Form (Muk Yan Chong) fascinated me when I was a novice to Wing Chun as it added to the mystery of the style.

My teacher told me to learn the form and then forget it.

This confused the living daylights out of me at the time, but later on I grew to understand his reasoning.

Think of the dummy as you would a punch bag, ok it doesn't react like one, but the principal is the same.

Working the dummy rather than going over a set form time and time again does wonders for getting your range right, and if you pad it up a bit you can put strikes in while working your blocks, pinning, footwork and hand co-ordination.

Sure, the dummy is inflexible and will not react like a human when struck but still I find it a very useful training tool.

A good dummy is not cheap and you can expect to pay several hundred pounds for a good chinese import.

There are cheaper alternatives but I cant comment on the quality and overall durability.

Another approach might be to construct your own see the link for plans. Believe me it's not an easy task unless you have the rights tools and someone willing to turn an oak tree trunk but it's well worth while in the end.

You need oak or a similar hard wood for the body leg and arms and ash for the cross beams, still not cheap but at least half the price of a quality dummy.

Good Luck


Link to Dummy Plans