Chum Kiu


Basic Kick Defence 1 (Front Kick)

Basic Knife defence 1 (Lunge)

Complete Sil Nim Tao Sylabus

Cross Reference, Pak Sau, Turn Tan if Blocked Lan Sau to Trap and Strike

Guard Attacks 1-3 (Wrap, Snake, Open)

Turning Tan Sau / Bong Sau Combinations

Green I

45 degree Stepping Punches

5 minute Sil Nim Tao

Basic Kick Defence 2 (Side Kick)

Chi Sau Attack & Defend

Chum Kiu - Part 1

Counter pull with Lan Sau/Low Palm & Front Kick

Counter punch from side with 90 degree Turn Bong/Lap, Lan Sau to Trap

Counter punch with Lan Sau, roll to Tan Sau, Punch & Follow

Defence against Rear Shoulder Grab

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 5 showing applications

Pie Jarn Drill

Turn 180 degrees Fak Sau/Lap Sau + Punch & Follow

Turning Ding Sau & Follow

Green II

10 minute Sil Nim Tao

45 degree Step Bong Sau & Follow

Basic Kick Defence 3 (Turning Kick to mid-section)

Basic Knife Defence 2 (Hook)

Blindfold Bong Lap Drill

Blindfold Dan Chi Sau

Chum Kiu - Part 2

Counter Grab from side with Lan Sau & Front Lift Kick

Counter Low Punch with Gang Sau/Gum Sau/Cross Leg Trap & Punch

Counter Punch with Rib Strike, Tok Sau/Jut Sau/Front Kick follow Palms

Counter Punch with Tan Sau follow Biu Cut to Throat (Clothes Line)

Counter Upper Cut with Pak Sau/Cow Sau/Gum Sau, Punch to Head

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 6 showing applications.

Front Kick to Wall Bag

Jeung Sau

Wood Breaking, 3 boards using different techniques

Green III

15 minute Sil Nim Tao

Basic Kick Defence 4 (Turning Kick to Head)

Chi Sau

Chum Kiu - Part 3

Counter Front Kick with Gum Sau & Follow

Counter Pull, step in with Low Bong Sau & Strike

Counter attack from side with Turn & Front Kick with Guard & Follow

Counter low punch with Turning Low Bong Sau & Follow

Ding Sau applications

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 6 with applications on 2 on 1 defence

Low Front Kick to Mid Front Kick to Wall Bag

Wood Breaking using 1" punch (1 board)

Green IV

Basic Kick Defence 5 (Spinning Kick)

Chi Sau with Technique & Basic Counter Defence

Chum Kiu

Counter Front Kick to Groin with Knee Lift + Shin Trap/Heung Ma & Follow

Counter Front Sweep with Lift & step in

Counter Punch with Heung Ma to Cross Leg Trap & Strike

Counter Punch with Heung Sau, Cover & Double Punch

Defence against 2 attackers showing power, control and targeting

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 6 showing strengths & weaknesses of techniques used

Sil Nim Tao

Triangle Stepping

Wood Breaking using 3" floating punch on 2 boards