Sil Nim Tao

Red I

Arrow Walking with Punch

Basic Punches (jab, cross, hook)

Basic Stance (Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma)

Centre Line Punch to Partner

Fighting Form Part 1

Fighting Stance

Wu Sau Punch

Tan Sau Punch

Gang Sau Punch

Yat Chi Kuen

Lin Wan Kuen

Sil Nim Tao - Part 1

Turning Punches (Wu, Tan, Gang Sau)

Red II

Basic Punches (jab, cross, hook, Upper-cut) combinations

Combination of Inside/Outside Turning Punches

Counter Punch with Inside/OutsideTurning Gang Sau Punch

Counter Punch with Inside/OutsideTurning Tan Sau Punch

Counter Punch with Inside/OutsideTurning Wu Sau Punch

Dan Chi Sau

Jut Sau, Biu Tze

Double Jut Sau Biu Tze

Fighting Form Parts 1 and 2

Fighting Stance High & Low with Technique

Front Kick

Gum Sau and Punch

Poon Sau

Sil Nim Tao - Part 2

Turning Bong Sau

Turning Jum Sau


Basic Arm Lock

Basic Head Lock

Basic Wrist Lock

Basic Punches (jab, cross, hook, upper-cut, fak sau) combinations

Bong Sau/Lap Sau - Back

Bong Sau/Lap Sau Drill

Complete Sil Nim Tao

Cross Leg Trap

Defence against attacker showing power and control

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 3

Fighting Stance High/Low at Angles

Front Kick, Step, Double Punch

Heung Ma

Inside/Outside Tan Sau - 45 degrees Back

Inside/Outside Tan Sau - 45 degrees Forward

Jum Punch to Ribs

Jut Sau, Biu Tze, Counter (if blocked)

Outside Turning Pak Sau

Punches to Centre Line with Feeling

Side Kick

Red IV

Basic Chi Sau Techniques

Bong Sau/Lap Sau Drill with Changes

Bong Sau/Lap Sau and Follow

Counter Punch with Wu Sau, Cross Leg Trap

Counter Punch with Wu Sau, Heung Ma

Dan Chi Sau with Changes

Fighting Form Parts 1 - 4 showing applications

Free application of Basic Techniques against 2 attackers

Gang Sau/Punch and Follow

Inside Pak Sau, Cover, Fak Sau, Cover and Punch

Jum Sau/Heung Sau and Follow

Neck Hug

Heung Ma

Pak Sau, Counter Pak Sau Drill

Sil Nim Tao (Single Leg)

Tan Sau/Punch and Follow

Wood Breaking using 3" Floating Technique (1 board)

Wrist Grab defence (3 applications)

{Wrong} Bong Chor Sau follow Lap/Chop/Kick

Side Kick