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News 01/03/2003

On the 15th March, Master Samuel Kwok will be holding a seminar here at our school in Bournemouth. This will be an occasion not to be missed, check back for pictures and article.

Update 01/03/2003 FAQ page updated. We will be renewing our club and student insurance with the BCCMA. This decision was made purely because the BCCMA is better suited to the style we train and is recognized by the Sports Council.
News 23/08/2003

I am proud to announce that the Lun Kuen Academy will soon be joining the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association. This is a big move for our school and we look forward to a long and mutually befeficial association.

News 04/10/2003

A new class will be starting on 12th October at the Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre in Christchurch. This will only be one night a week to strat with depending on interest we may extend to two nights.

Class times 8:00PM - 9:30PM

News 09/10/2003
Tanya, who started training as a ladies self-defence instructor and also trains Wing Chun in class is starting her ladies class on Thursday 9th October. We wish her well on her new class.
Update 22/01/2004

Samuel Lee's photographic work has been added to the photo gallery. Samuel is currently studying photography in Bournemouth. These shots are part of his portfolio. When his course finishes in summer 2004 Sam will be returning to Hong Kong. We wish him the best of luck.

Update 26/01/2004
New article added
News 26/01/2004
New class starting in Bere Regis on Tuesday 9th March 2004. Classes will be held at the Bere Regis school hall. A demo will be held at 7:30PM on Tuesday 2nd March. For details call Steve on 01202 760395.
Update 04/03/2004
New video clip added . Wood breaking at Bere Regis.
Update 24/04/2004
Newarticle added, the wooden man.
Update 06/06/2004
Instructor page updated
Update 03/07/2004
Questions and Answers updated
Update 21/10/2004 Instructor page updated
News 29/04/2005

Due to a problem with our internet host this site has been down for a few days. We have now moved to a new host that offers a far better service. Sorry for the delay in getting the site back up.

News 12/07/2005 We are going to Hong Kong! Part of the benefit of being members of the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association is that we have opportunities that we may not have otherwise had. I had been unable to attend the last seminar but am determined to go this time. So... I and a bunch of my students will be visiting Hong Kong and Foshan this November. If your interested in attending this once in a lifetime experience let me know ASAP.
Update 16/07/2005 Instructor page updated
Update 19/09/2005
New article added.
Update 01/01/2006

New pictures of the 2nd World Seminar in Hong Kong added.

Still not complete at this stage as we are still waiting for pictures from some of the guys who made the trip. Will update when available.

Also, some video footage will be released soon.

Update 05/01/2006
New article added from the archives of Sifu Mateus Owens
Update 06/01/2006
New Video clips added from Hong Kong trip November 2005
Update 01/05/2006
New article added
Update 28/07/2006
New article added
News 28/12/2006
We are moving our Wednesday night class to a Thursday night. Venue will be Canford Cliffs Village Hall 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Update 29/04/2007
New article added
Update 20/08/2007
New Video Clips added from Hong Kong Trip November 2005
News 21/11/2009
New revised lower rates as of Febuary 2009 see article and Class Info for details
News 02/04/2009
Classes are now also available on Monday evenings , see class times for details
Update 02/10/2009
Instructor profiles updated
Update 14/02/2012 Instructor profiles updated
Update 22/02/2013
Instructor profiles updated, new video clips under Misc Videos
Update 27/07/2014
Class Time change. Sunday morning sessions moved to Saturday afternoon.
Update 27/07/2014
New article added .