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Article Author Date
Self defence a state of mind S.Lyons 8th Jan 2003
Realistic Training S.Lyons 23rd Jan 2003
Why Wing Chun? S.Lyons 26th Jan 2004
The Wooden Man S.Lyons 24th Apr 2004
Bogus Wing Chun S.Lyons 19th Sep 2005
Wing Chun History, Facts and Trivia Unknown 5th Jan 2005
For what it's worth S.Lyons 1st May 2006
Finally S.Lyons 28th July 2006
Honesty Loyalty and Respect S.Lyons 29th April 2007
New revised charges S.Lyons 21st January 2009
A true life story from an old student An old student 27th July 2014