Instructor Profiles

Sifu Stephen Lyons (Founding Member)

Started training the martial arts in the early 70's, inspired by the popular "Kung Fu" television series and Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon".

Trained various forms of Chinese and Japanese styles until left virtually paralyzed in the left leg during a Lau Gar training accident in the 80's.

Steve started looking around for a more suitable style. When fully recovered after some 6 months of physiotherapy he finally stumbled across Wing Chun which has kept him in good health ever since.

Of Wing Chun Steve says:

"Its a form that embraces the natural movement of the human body and one of the few arts that can be trained and remain effective well into old age"

Sifu Rachel Miley

Rachel started training Wing Chun in October 1999.

Prior to joining the academy Rachel trained Karate and had achieved junior brown belt status.

Although small in stature Rachel has very good energy and has even surprised herself on occasions. She is lightning fast, has great footwork and a true ambassador for any female student who may question the effectiveness of Wing Chun against a bigger opponent.


Sifu John Taylor

John began his training with the Lun Kuen Academy in January 2000.

He has also studied Aikido to some depth which has proved useful with some of the more advanced techniques.

John has a good attitude and has taken well to the Wing Chun Style of Kung Fu.

John is also extremely innovative and likes to experiment with techniques and application which is a plus for those he links up with, as this demonstrates that no technique is absolute.


Sifu Chris Williams

Chris actually began his training a few month before I did and even though he had a few months head start, his skills were such that I aspired to be as good as him. Chris stopped training when he became a dad which gave me the chance to catch up a little.

Prior to starting his Wing Chun training, Chris came 4th in the Karate nationals, so his knowledge of the martial arts and combat is unquestionable. A talented teacher with a depth of knowledge in what he does, Chris is often the first point of contact for new students joining the academy.



Sifu Chris Ironarm

Chris qualified as sifu in October 2013 and has been a student of Wing Chun since March 2010.

Chris, formerly a student of Aikido has thrown himself into Wing Chun with an impressive result. His thirst for knowledge and the finer points of the style are 2nd to none and enjoys sharing this knowledge with junior students.

Chris was the quickest student to progress to sifu level in just 3 years and 7 months due to his excellent standard and grading results. Still his attitude is humble and continues to soak up new and better ways of applying his skills.

Sifu Lee Sullivan

I started teaching Lee when we worked together at a company some years ago. Initially we just trained a few times a week in our lunch hour. Lee started training at our school in February 2011 and qualified as instructor in November 2015.

Lee has a great attitude toward training and is always keen to lend a helping hand with junior students with his friendly, well humoured yet direct approach.

Sifu Peter Clarke

Peter qualified as Instructor in July2016 and has been a student of Wing Chun since January 2010.

Peter (PJ) is a big, fast and powerful guy with a great sense of humour. If you get to train with Peter you will definitely know if your techniques are working but without the worry of the consequences if they don't.

His enthusiasm for the style and his easy manner make for a great source of inspiration for his juniors.

Sifu Andy Heath

Andy a master craftsman in furniture restoration qualified as Instructor in July 2016 and has been a student of Wing Chun since January 2010.

One of the few students in Lun Kuen's history to score 100% in a grading Andy's attention to detail is 2nd to none.

As with his fellow instructors Andy is good to train with and maintains a light hearted approach. This attitude goes a long way toward boosting confidence in junior students.

Junior Instructor Sam Gilmore

Sam qualified as Junior Instructor in October 2012 and has been a student of Wing Chun since February 2010.

Sam, probably the gentlest individual I have met in the martial art scene has a friendly and humorous disposition making him a joy to train with. While there is little doubt that Sams skills are impressive he is more likely to befriend an aggressor than resort to hard contact. A good way to be.