About Lun Kuen Academy


The Lun Kuen Academy of Wing Chun is probably the longest established school of Wing Chun based in the Bournemouth/Poole area.

Our Wing Chun school was founded in December 1995 after parting from my long standing teacher Adam Murry, who to this day remains a valued friend and a source of inspiration.

Prior to the formation of The Lun Kuen Academy of Wing Chun, I ran the Poole branch of the Lee Sue Long Academy of Wing Chun, but as time passed my teacher (probably the best fighter and martial artist I've known) evolved his own style of martial art combining elements of Wing Chun, Thai Boxing, Aikido, Western Boxing, Grappling and the Stick Fighting Arts into a style he named Jik Jee Do.

Jik Jee Do was not for the timid, it was a full contact style that took no prisoner's and the lessons I learnt from this proved to be of great value. The training was hard, so hard in fact that it was unsuitable for the average person on the street.

Wing Chun was still my first love and armed with the experience gained from Jik Jee Do, I formed the Lun Kuen Academy of Wing Chun with the intention of combining these skills with traditional Yip Man Wing Chun to provide a street wise martial art that is suitable for everyone.

Today we have a very happy Wing Chun school where training sessions are as much a social event.

We are recognised by Grand Master Yip Chun, who visits us when in the country, and are members of the Yip Man Martial Arts Association and Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association.